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Purple Panda Bento

I was super thrilled when I spotted some purple sweet potato at an organic store and immediately grabbed some for bento-making! Since these are seasonal and not always available where I live, I was so happy to be able to get some.

Flower cut outs of the purple sweet potato are a really pretty and sweet addition to your bento. In fact, you can also use other cutters if you wish. 
For this bento, I decided to use the rest of the steamed purple sweet potato to make a panda character. In line with panda theme, I also created a 'bamboo forest' at the side :P If you want to make cut-outs, you can do the ‘cut-outs’ before steaming. 

Similar to earlier postings about using mashed potato in bento making. You can then steam the remaining sweet potatoes, mash them and shape them as you desire. In this case, I made the panda character.
As compared to potato, the mashed sweet potato was less wet and its natural fibre enabled easy shaping. It really felt like play-doh~awesome! 

The side dishes were pan-grilled miso pork, tamagoyaki, broccoli, kai-lan vegetables, and lettuce. To make the 'bamboo forest', I cut some leaves shapes using thin egg sheet freehand and placed them on the kai-lan vegetable stems. For the purple sweet potato flowers, I added sesame seeds to highlight its petals. 

For panda character in this bento, as mentioned, the eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet were all made from sweet potato. The mouth was seaweed and the cheeks were pink kamaboko. 

This cute panda bento was packed in the magewappa classic bento box.


Shirley - Bento specialist, Singapore

Hello :) I am Shirley, a bento artist/chef and blogger. I started making bento back in 2011 as getting lunch was very inconvenient at work, and in 2012 my blog, Little Miss Bento was born. Bento making is a passion that I am fond of, and excited about. My head is often bursting with ideas on what to make. Even when I visit the supermarkets, I often imagine what I can make out of an ingredient or food product. Character bentos are my forte, but I also enjoy making usual bento lunches, bread, sweets and other decorative food items. If you like kawaii and and fun creations, I am sure you will enjoy my blog postings. I will continue to do my best and thanks for staying with me.

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