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Bento Weekend 20 Results: Birthday Bento

This week, the theme of Bento Weekend was "Birthday Bento", marking the fifth anniversary of the creation of Bento&co.

For the next 5 years we will continue to do our best to convey our passion and provide you with the best bento boxes and bento accessories, always direct from Japan!

For the 20th Bento Weekend, we received these very nice birthday bento!


For her submission, Delphine from the blog MaPassionBento has prepared a festive bento with two small figures ready to celebrate the event. ^ ^

Some explanation from Delphine:

The composition: two onigiri with two characters who are partying (ham, cheese, sesame seed and nori), tamagoyaki, shrimp, broccoli, duck breast with five spice, avocado, a little tomato, clementines and chocolate cookies with whipped cream.

The recipe: Duck breast with five spice. Puncture the duck with a fork on both sides, marinate in Chinese five spice and water for one hour. Fry the duck basting marinade. Let it cook well. When it is cooked, cut into slices, put it back in the pan, add two tablespoons of honey and caramelize

Do you all know what "otanjobi" is in Japanese? You have probably already guessed — it is Japanese for "Happy Birthday"!

Delphine, thank you so much!


Next we have a bento and a message from Monica,

Here's a great bento birthday for the whole Bento&co team.

The onigiri-shaped gift contain pieces of teriyaki salmon. To accompany spinach in sesame oil, cherry tomatoes, fried fish, smoked salmon rolls with cream cheese, cucumber slices, shrimp spaghetti covered with potatoes and sausage rolls peaks in an omelet.

As you can see, here is a very well stocked bento and should be enough to satisfied the team indeed! ^ - ^

We welcome in particular Monica for his brilliant use of nori cut ; onigiri these gifts are absolutely lovely !

Wow! Thank you so much, Monica! Would love to enjoy that with you. We love your creative use of nori in wrapping the onigiri! (^-^)


Lise -Marie also sent us her bento accompanied by a note:

5 years ... Already ... 5 years Bento&co shares our passion for bento and Japanese culture in general. 5 years during which numerous products have joined their catalog. 5 years ... And we know that it is here to stay. That is why I would like to extend this bent to the whole Bento&co team. A beautiful birthday cake to mark the event, as it should. Now make a wish and blow out the candles.

We warmly thank Lise-Marie for this nice birthday message, and we wanted to share with you her creation, which is so well presented. Very beautiful, Lise-Marie.


And finally a cute bento Shirley, a Kyaraben specialist (bento comprising one or more characters). Have you noticed this little gift and '5' beautifully carved in a thin slice of ham?

It's so cute, Shirley! Thank you so much! (^-^)

You can find more information about the techniques used by Shirley here.


And that's all for this week which I must say a few special thank you again to all participants !

We will post our new theme tomorrow Bento Weekend and look forward to your new creations. Good Bento Weekend one and all!

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