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Pom Pom Purin Bento

Today I made an easy character bento – Pom Pom Purin from Sanrio. Do you know Pom Pom Purin? He is a very cute golden retriever dog character that Sanrio introduced back in 1996.

I created Pom Pom Purin using thin egg sheet. You can also use cheese slice if that is preferred. The plus point in using egg sheet is that it does not melt. If your weather is warm and sunny like where I live, your character would not be ‘melted’ when you have the bento for lunch.

The tiny brown beret (signature of Pom Pom Purin) is a small piece of mushroom. The facial features were made from seaweed.

Just 3 ingredients and you can make this Pom Pom Purin character too! Tips in cooking egg sheet:

  • Sieve the egg mixture before cooking, this would remove any bubbles and clumps, making sure you have a smooth egg sheet
  • Always cook the egg on low heat, cover with a lid so that the egg sheet will cook more evenly
  • If you find that the egg sheet breaks easily, you can add a little corn starch (mix with a little water first) into your egg mixture, sieve, then cook.
  • Practice, practice and practice (I failed many times before getting my egg sheet right)

Egg sheet is very versatile and very useful in the making of character bento (kyaraben).

If you are short of time, you can also simple use some cutters and you can create nice shapes out of the egg sheet. The egg sheet can also be the ‘hair’ for your characters.

Below are of bento I made using egg sheet :)

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