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A Birthday Bento specially for Bento&co

Wow!! Bento&co is celebrating its 5th anniversary, a journey that started in a small house in Kyoto to 5 years later with ten of thousands of parcels to all over the world! Amazing feat!

Congratulations to the Bento&co team!

I wanted to make a special bento to mark this special occasion – a happy birthday bento for Bento&co!

So, I made a little boy celebrate with a birthday cake marked ‘5’!

Packed in Bento&co’s magewappa bento box, the side dishes for this bento were sautéed mushrooms with vegetables, blanched broccoli, pan-grilled pork, lettuce, and edamame beans. I also added two ribbon-shaped pasta; aren’t they the cutest?

To make the boy and cake, I used the following:

  • Boy (rice with teriyaki sauce, seaweed for the features, egg sheet for the hair, ham for the hands)
  • Party Hat (rice wrapped in imitation crabstick, also known as kani kamaboko in Japanese)
  • Cake (rice topped with a ham slice with ‘5’ cut out, and decorated with 2 bento picks)

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