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A cute 30 mins French Toast Bento

So proud of myself!! I made this entire bento in 30mins, with washing-up included!

I decided to pack a breakfast french toast bento today since I had some leftover bread to finish. I topped it with strawberries, snow sugar powder and two cute bear cut-outs.

I also made little sunflowers from egg sheet and sausages at the side, plus a serving of oranges to go along with the bento.

When I was young, I would get all excited when my mother made french toast. I really loved the eggy and sweet taste, coupled with the softness of the bread. Do you like french toast too?

What is perfect about french toast for bento is that you can prepare the night before and cook it in the morning. So quick and easy!

If done well, it is still delicious when it’s cooled. So they are pretty great for bento! I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

French Toast Recipe


  • 2 thick toast slices
  • 1 medium size egg
  • 60 ml milk
  • 1/2 tbsp fine sugar
  • Small cube of butter
  • Snow sugar
  • Strawberries (or other fruits you fancy)


(the night before)

  • Cut your bread slice into smaller bite size pieces or in quarters. In my case I used cutters to create heart-shape cut outs
  • In a bowl, beat 1 egg and add in sugar and milk, mix well.
  • Throw in the bread pieces and soak them on both sides, letting the egg mixture 'penetrate' the bread
  • Place the bread pieces in a ziplock bag, lay it flat on a tray/plate and set it in your chiller overnight (in the morning)
  • Heat a small cube of butter in a non stick pan
  • Cook the bread pieces on low heat until nicely brown on both sides
  • Serve with strawberries and dust on some snow sugar. You can also drizzle on some honey and add whipped cream if you fancy.

Shirley - Bento specialist, Singapore

Hello :) I am Shirley, a bento artist/chef and blogger. I started making bento back in 2011 as getting lunch was very inconvenient at work, and in 2012 my blog, Little Miss Bento was born. Bento making is a passion that I am fond of, and excited about. My head is often bursting with ideas on what to make. Even when I visit the supermarkets, I often imagine what I can make out of an ingredient or food product. Character bentos are my forte, but I also enjoy making usual bento lunches, bread, sweets and other decorative food items. If you like kawaii and and fun creations, I am sure you will enjoy my blog postings. I will continue to do my best and thanks for staying with me.

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