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Bento Weekend 20 - Birthday Bento!

5 years already! It was November 23, 2008 that Bento&co was launched from a small house in Kyoto. Five years and tens of thousands of parcels to 80 countries later, we are still in Kyoto, but we are a little more in number and we’re in a prettier location!

Thank you to all who have had faith in us and enjoyed our products. We are overwhelmed by all your kind messages and encouragement that we receive regularly.

So this week we are going to have a Birthday Bento for Bento Weekend! Make us a bento for our birthday! We won't be there to eat it with you, but we'll be there in spirit (^-^)

We're really excited to see what you come up with! o(^^o)(o^^)o

As always, send us your photos to The best will be published on the blog, and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off! ヽ (^ ^ Д) ノ You have until midnight Wednesday to participate.

We'd love it if you'd send us pictures of bento made ​​in our boxes, and we can publish on our website!

Finally, just a reminder that every month we select the best recipe for bento—attach your photo a detailed explanation on making your bento, the selected recipe will appear on the blog, on social networks and even in the newsletter!


For my part, it has been 5 years since I get up without a knot in my stomach and with a huge desire to do well. Thank you!

These five years have been exceptional and be sure that the next 5 years will be even more.

Thomas Bento & co

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