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K – Kokeshi Bento Box – review

Here are my two Kokeshi bento boxes from Bento&co. Kokeshi bento box is a very popular product and maybe many of you already have these cute boxes. Mine is Geiko on the left and Hanako on the right, and I think both are very adorable. Kawaii! (^o^)/

Kokeshi bento box is not only an adorable box but it is also a very unique bento box. Its design is so different from any other bento boxes and I think it is very Japanese, cute and practical, and of course of a good quality. But it took me awhile to decide as I was not so sure if I needed it and the volume of the box seemed not enough for me and I was wondering how stable the soup bowl was sitting there on top.

Then I had a chance to go to Kyoto last year and see this adorable box at Bento&co’s shop. Yes they were standing like mascot dolls in the shop. Very cute. When I finally took it in my hand I tested the stability. The bottom box was light without any food in it but still the top bowl was sitting well. The weight of the bowl is purposely designed light I think, and I specially liked the inner lining lid on top of her face part.

Aha! The lid is raised and shaped like a dome ceiling! Kokeshi bento box seems a small box but actually it is larger than you think because of this dome-shape lid. When I make a bento in Kokeshi bento box, I try to take advantage of this. You can put 2 large and tall onigiris for example,

or how about an open face sandwich or a rice burger with a big Ebi Fry and tartar sauce on top like this ?

No problem to close the lid.

Having a nice soup for lunch is getting more appreciated in this coming season. I am sure an instant soup mix will be a very handy thing.

I served some candies to my guests last year at a Christmas party. Geiko is a woman of entertainment. Let her do the job!

It does not come with any matching bento bag but last year I crochet one.

Geiko will carry a soup bowl to warm me up, so I will also keep Geiko warm. The winter is soon here, you know!

If you already have a traditional bento box I am sure you will enjoy the difference and the uniqueness of Kokeshi bento box. It really gives you a change. I hope you enjoy the variety in your bento life.


Rie - Bento specialist, Oslo, Norway

Hello, I love to cook and bake and I enjoy making bento everyday. I was one of the finalists at Bento&co’s contest in 2011 and later I joined Bento&co as Bento Specialist. I am living in Norway now but I am originally from Ishikawa in Japan where many of Bento&co’s bento boxes are made. I try to make bentos that are as beautiful as they are delicious, and I like to show you how to add more sparkles in your bento life! - Rie

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