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New Nintendo 3DS : It's REALLY new and you got to put your hands on it

Another success and milestone for the game company from Kyoto! The success of its new handheld system has to be a real relief for Nintendo after Wii U "fail" - and a proof that no ones can match them when it comes to portable gaming (but we already knew that right? ^^).


First look at the New Nintendo 3DS (LL Version)

Nintendo's brand new handheld system is now confirming its blazing launch on October 11th and seems to fully match the expectations of Japanese players so far. Thanks to the word of mouth (and internet), it's even growing popular among western gamers, import fans and Mario/Zelda/Smash Bros lovers. Too bad that they will to have wait for 2015 and the official release outside Japan ... unless you grab this unique opportunity to try this gem, thanks to Bento&co! 

The New Nintendo 3DS has been designed as a refined version of the previous Nintendo 3DS, and share all its perks: it's fun, unique and ... damn funny (did I say it already?). The new, brighter 3DS screen won't required you to be exactly in front of your screen anymore (which is indeed a big improvement for an handheld, portable system). 

Other great changes can be seen on the controls field: there is a new joystick on the right and 2 new shoulder's buttons which add more possibilities and user-friendliness: sweet (especially for action games like Monster Hunter). 

The new analog stick on the top right corner

There are now 4 shoulder's buttons on the back

There are changes in the inside too: the battery life is slightly up (to 7 hours for the LL version), and so is the CPU power. It's actually so powerful that the first, real "New 3DS" flagship game will be nothing less than a re-edition of Wii's Xenoblade Chronicles. Can you picture that? An open world rpg that you can play in your bed or while traveling ... neat!

And this is, in truth, the real news about this console: yes it can handle former 3DS games but is also going to home its own games library making maximum use of its new features. It's a new console: We meant it! ;)

Get your New nintendo 3DS LL Versio now, right from Japan: Check details.

Amazing Design achievement: the metallic Blue LL version is actually super classy


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