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Round&Round: Selection of cool bento pictures from the web

Having spending a sheer amount of time browsing various forums and sites of the bentosphere, I recently ran into this nice collection of round bento boxes which could make you forget the classical stuff. They look good - and also look scrumptious!

The (π) proportions are often doing fine and this is true again. Not only are these items easy to handle and carry: They also look gorgeous and enlight any foods in. So why in the world don't we see more these little guys on our tables, at work or during picnics? 

Let's face it: manufacturers sticks to the "square meal" ... which isn't necessary a bad thing, because they're obviously great and unique boxes with such shapes.

But at Bento&co, we're convinced that there is room for more varieties in our kitchens and also recommend these boxes to bento artists for their creations.


Japanese tradition lovers will choose Magewappa, whereas the Lunch bowl Hana will appeal to the more fashionable crowd ... and adventurers will love the Seagull tiffin: there really is everything in our round boxes collection!

Let's rock ... and rollヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Ps : All these bento (and more) can be seen on the original reddit post.

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