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Trendy&Cute; Meet the Mini Labo Bento House


We've long kept the secret but it's now time to reveal it: We were fervently working on a special version of the Bento House, with a new and classy french design. In fact, when the final draft of the Mini Labo Bento House arrived at our place for the first time, we were so excited because of all it means for Bento&Co. And we believe that you may share this enthusiasm with us, because this cute box definitively has something special to offer... 

Somewhere between France and Japan...

Mini Labo is a creative and eclectic design studio from Paris. Its lovely patterns and unique style went so successful over the years (they celebrate their 10th birthday a few time ago) that they even opened a temporary display shop in one of the most luxurious place of Tokyo (Aoyama). From House decoration to kids clothes, everything they touch turns into a fairy treasure. 

Mini Labo Ephemeral Shop at Aoyama, Tokyo

Though you may already know quite a few things about us, let's remind it: Bento&Co adventure started 6 years ago from a small web shop to the great company it has now became. We're striving to share Bento Culture all around the world and always introduce Japan's Best to our customers. So it was only a matter of time for these amazing lunchboxes to meet with Mini Labo's Art.

And it was love on first sight. We were immediately charmed by the chic colors and patterns. They really succeeded in combining french finest élégance with a bit of japanese typical kawai-ness and and a fresh, soothing colors palette.

Bento&Co Physical Store at Kyoto, Japan

With little spring flowers, cute birds and smooth pastel tinge, Mini Labo's style brings you back to your best child memory. Each of their project is a true masterwork that you'll fall for. And never forget...

Some of the products designed by Mini Labo

We spent time wondering which of our box would best fit Mini Labo personal world, and our choice finally goes for the Bento House. It already had something special and poetic with it's cute house shape, and we knew that Hakoya'd got the best of their artisan to reproduce Mini Labo pattern to perfection.

Looking for a cosy and precious place?

And we're proud to say that everything went good; the box is even more kawai than expected. Mini Labo did an amazing Job in adding fairy to this already charming box. 

3-level of pure style

Beyond its already good practical carrying and packing capacity, what you get with the Mini labo Bento House is a rare and classy item overflowing with French Chic and cuteness. Some say that you can't buy style, but i'd beg to differ: it just needs to look in the right direction and a few bucks more.

Down to the last details...

A Bento&Co and Mini Labo Collaboration

Discover and order the Mini Labo Bento House:

A link to this amazing lunchbox

I also recommend you to check our original collections for products with something truly special(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Available Now at Bento&Co

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