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Our Monbento Products : Review

Enthusiastic fans may have already spotted it: This week, among our incoming products, stands one special item you shouldn't miss: the Monbento Square. And we thought it was just the right occasion to introduce you to a very special company, Monbento, a brand we share the same passion with: providing you the best of Bento culture.

It all started in the middle...of France!

Monbento was established a couple of years ago (in 2009) in Clermond-ferrand by three young and highly passionate french entrepreneurs. Started as a small importation business, it quickly expanded and soon turned into a successful company that now sells worldwide its own bento products.

In fact it only needs to take one of their boxes in your hand like the Monbento Original to get why: they did exceptionally well in adapting and enhancing the inner advantages of our beloved Japanese lunch boxes.

A view of Clermond-ferrand

Photo by Jean louis Zimmerman/CC

Products for a modern life

Let's have a closer look at this box. The very first thing that strikes you? Well, It has these sleek, well-designed aesthetics that you are not going to forget anytime soon. More: Beside its design, Monbento Original also offers perfect finish and a very smooth touch. As a bento box feature, this is actually quite important because you are probably going to hold it at every lunch and you definitively wouldn't like a sloppy or unpleasant material to deal with.

Monbento Original

The MB Original box also has a lunch band coming with to firmly hold all its compartments together (it doesn't really need it but it's nice anyway), one internal divider, and small capped lids for micro-wave pressure; neat! Oh and did i tell you that the box is of course dishwasher-safe?
I could keep listing all the details that makes each of 
monbento products a must-have but you got it already: once you try Monbento, it's sometimes hard to go back to other brands again.

A full set for Outdoor Lunch : Monbento Bag, Cutlery and Original Box

So if you're looking for a simple yet complete lunch box with a nice overall feeling, i recommend you to try at least one of their products. We receive a lot of claims from people looking for a bento box big enough to pack their lunch in and bring at work or school. Most of us also enjoy easy-to-handle item, micro-wave and dishwasher-safe. So why not checking this one, for example? :)

Monbento Sauce Cups, Tower mode (^^)

Conclusion: The Monbento products may be slightly more expensive than their counterparts, but you know exactly what you are paying for: Sheer quality, great design and highly practical features. We really think you'll love these items ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ. 

Our Monbento Range

The links listed below allow you to browse all our Monbento products, including cutlery and transport bag.

Monbento Square ( New Products - Click on the link for further details

Monbento Original 

Monbento Single

Monbento Cutlery

Monbento Bags

Monbento Sauce Cups

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