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Furoshiki Are Back And They May Save The Planet


Timeless : The Furoshiki Bento is one good example of a modern furoshiki

The idea of writing a post about Furoshiki firstly came after our article on Tea boxes. In a lot of way, they share the same concept of traditional and useful item with splendid aesthetics. Recently, the Furoshiki tradition is rising up from the ashes and if you want to know more about these great wrapping clothes from Japan you've just come to the right place. (^^ )/

Once Upon A Time

The name itself says it all: in Japanese Furo means 'Bath' and Shiki is the word for 'spreading out'. The roots of the furoshiki traces back to the Nara Period (8th century). At that time, the Nobility was slowly creating and developing new customs, arts form and traditions that would greatly expand very famous in the next centuries (buddhism, katakana writting system, literature, etc.). Among all of these changes were the attendance of "public" hot springs by aristocrats. And they needed something to wrap and tell the difference between their clothes: Furoshiki were born.

Tradition : Japanese Hot Spring. Hot water is coming from deep underground.(Photo by David McKelvey / CC)

But it's not until the Edo Period (starting from the 16th century) that Furoshiki started to spread among the merchant and popular classes. While they were strictly used for clothes wrapping at the very beginning, people slowly started to find out other way to use the Furoshiki - like carrying goods like bottles for instance.

It then became a very common object in every home. Yet, when Japan began a full process of modernization (post WW2) and the plastic revolution occurred, Furoshiki slowly decayedn replaced by its cheapest and disposable alternative: the plastic bag. The End?

Stylish :  There is hundreds of traditional or modern furoshiki paterns, like this Furoshiki Yuki

Heading To The Future

Definitively not. Furoshikis have a lots to offer for the 21th century and Japanese Ministry of Ecology didn't go wrong when they decided to design their own Furoshiki to support eco-awareness. Beyond being a great carrier of Japanese culture, this Japanese tissue also symbolizes a new, responsible way of life where wasting is avoided.

But that's not all about the advantages of the Furoshiki:

  • the wrapping itself is very interesting, ajustable and not as hard as one may think at first.
  • There are so many patterns, design and materials possibilities, and the traditional ones really are unique items that nothing can beat.

    Useful : Once you get used to it, you can really wrap anything you wa

    Bento&Co Collections

    So if you are looking for an original (and i mean it) way to carry your lunch box (or anything else that fits in) out, i'd strongly suggest you to consider this Japanese product. If people have been using them for hundreds of years, you can't go wrong with it. Learning to wrap your own furoshiki is an amazing experience that you'd never have with a standard bag. 

    Ajustable : Furoshiki wrapping is not limited to lunch boxes. Bins, Clothes, etc.. Possibilities are endless 

    Bento&Co offers standard-size (45-50 cm) Furoshikis that allow you to pack most of bento boxes (up to L-size).If you're unsure about the size, please do not hesitate to contact us through our chat system (or mail us at We also have a DVD, full of advices on Furoshiki wrapping that you may want to check.

    One more thing ! How to wrap a bento box with a Furoshiki:

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