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Tea box, the best friend of your favorite drink

"I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.

There should always have one of this in every good kitchen. Tea is one of the most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water and -funny fact-, while you were reading this line a total of 25,000 cups were drunk (with a good part of them in the UK, of course)! Unfortunately, most of people just skip the essential advantages of a great tea box.

Reasons why you should put your tea in a box

Leave a tea bag outside its box for a few time and you will soon realize the extreme fragility of these leaves. Tu Long, a Chinese famous writer during Ming Dynasty, once said: "Tea flavor is incredibly subtle, but also extremely moody". 

 Photo By Malcolm Brown/CC

A tea box (they can be of metal, wood or porcelain) will act as an efficient shield to protect your tea against its numerous enemies. Let it be said : tea is all but easy to handle and hates high humidity, direct light, warm place, and other flavors that may alter its own taste. You surely don't want to put it right in front of the windows in a wet place without protection. 

This is why we recommend all tea lovers to put their precious leaves and powders in these lovely tea containers, and store them in the Kitchen - or really any dry and fresh place they like. Because Tea box are not just preservation item, they are also gorgeous means of decoration.

Bento&Co Collections

At Bento&Co, we love every boxes, and everything related to Japan. And luckily enough there really is a "box culture" in this country, with a lot of interesting and beautiful traditional design and patterns. We now have a great collection of tea box to provide you. Even if they're made of different materials (plastics or steal) they all share the same basic features: airtight and designed to keep the flavor of your tea throughout the weeks and months. Please have a look.

Tea Box Kimono

Tea Box Wagara

Tea Box Sakura

Tea Box Senshoku

By the way, we also have a neat tea infuser and some cool bottles, mugs and tumblers to enjoy your beverage. I'm sure you will love them. (^^ )

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