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What about more Japanese Stationary? (゜▼゜*)

Our love for bento boxes will never stop, but did you know that Bento&co is actually not only about them?ヾ(^▽^@)ノ

Japanese stores are full of amazing and surprising products that can't be seen elsewhere; such a pity! And this is especially true when thinking about stationary goods. Actually, this was the starting point which lead us to open the Stationary gallery.   

Today we are welcoming 3 new products, and they are just perfect examples of what Japan does best: renewed tradition with the MT Masking Tape Wamon, Check Stamp and their shining cultural references, and finally clever innovation with the new Deco rush series.



What's interesting about these decorative tape is how designers were able to come one more time with an original product based on Japanese tradition. The 6 different patterns of these rolls will remind you the ones you can see on furoshiki, yukata or even bento boxes : it's 100% Japanese. 
This is a soft-to-the-touch, easy to cut-and-handle tape, strictly designed to let you focus on one thing: decoration. 

Last but not least, the Wamon's packaging itself is neat :) Sure, that is of no direct use (though very convenient to carry and gather them), but how cute is that little box?  o(^▽^)o



Have you ever "met" Totoro, Luffy or Kiki? If you like Japanese culture (well you are reading me know, so i will assume so), you are likely to know these unforgettable icons from the Far East. 

Following the growing success of manga culture, they are now everywhere to be found. And with our new Check Stamp collection, we really wanted to offer you the opportunity to print your favorite characters wherever you want. Decorate and personalize letters, books, memos, notes, etc. has never been that easier ٩(^ᴗ^)۶




Deco Rush; It's a simple yet amazing idea: combine the handy shape of a correction pen with cute rolls of little patterns and you get the perfect tool to decorate your favorite books, letters and more. No wonder why this one has become one of our top sellers in just a few months.

Yet, it seemed that the available rolls choice wasn't wide enough but we heard you clear, and now provide new story packs (Pink and blue) that offers more than 15 fresh patterns combination for the Deco Rush! And there is more: a new type of Deco Rush is now available : the Memo Kit. Coming as a 2 part set (one deco rush + one loose-leaf memo book) it provides you the perfect tools to create your own cute card for all your relatives. That's icing on the cake! +(^_^)+

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