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We've got something new !

You may have spotted them on our new products page: the New bento box Hako and Tea Box Wagara by Hakoya (one of our favorite manufacturer) just arrived at Bento&co. And trust me, these two really deserve their own article !


If you are one of our followers, you probably already know how much we like Hakoya and their products. They always have great design, amazing ideas (have you checked their Nokorimono box ? it's so funny !) and nice quality thanks to their traditional manufacturing process.

First thing that comes to mind when you take this box in your hand : Hako is soft and light! What we want about a good bento box is to be simple to use and carry; Hako is easy to use with a single hand and its rounded shapes make it fit easily in a bag ! Really the perfect box to bring with you for your outdoor lunch ! 

But there is more you should know about Hako : inside its internal lid is a pair of chopsticks that perfectly fit in. They make the best use of the available space thanks to the curved shape of the lid : not a single cm³ is wasted !

Last but not least : Hako has a simple yet chic design that comes in 5 different coloris. You are assured to find the one you like the most ! 

Tea Box Wagara

If you are a Tea lover, you probably already know how important it is to protect your precious from being altered. And what is more adapted to keep the freshness of your tea that a great box ?

Tea Box Wagara comes in 6 beautiful colors and patterns sharing a common theme : Japanese flowers.

This trully is a convenient box to keep your favorite tea away from what would otherwise degrade its flavor : humidity, heat and daylight.

Tea is a very fragile plant with a delicate taste and that's why we advise you to put your beloved  tea in one of our Tea Box. Also, Don't forget to put the box in a cupboard or on a shelf in a fresh room.

If you follow all these advices, i swear that each cup of your best tea will be like the first one : delicious ! :)


Find more information about thse 2 products here : Tea Box Wagara and Hako.

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