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Tanabata Festival

When You Wish Upon a Star in Kyoto

Currently this August we are celebrating Tanabata.
Tanabata is Japanese festival that is otherwise known as the Star Festival. Its origin is from the ancient love story of gods Orihime, representing the star Vega, and Hikoboshi, representing the star Altair. According to legend, the two were separated by the Milky Way and could never meet except for the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar. Thus came the name Tanabata 
(七夕), meaning the evening of the 7th. 

This year in Kyoto, there is a wonderful collection of various events throughout August this year to celebrate Tanabata. Along Horikawa River there is a beautiful illumination (mimicking The Milky Way) and the Yuzen Nagashi Way of Light (showcasing the ancient art of Kyo-Yuzen). Right by us here at Bento&Co is the Kamogawa River which has its own collection of light-ups including Furinto and the Walkway Bamboo of Light. 

Our favorite thing about Tanabata is the wishing. Japanese families always make sure to write out their wishes on "washi" (Japanese paper) and tie them onto the branches of a bamboo tree. All around Kyoto there are these bamboo wishing trees available for anyone to use.

We wish for you to come soon =] Don't miss out on the magical experience! 

For more info visit the official Kyo-no-Tanabata website:

The Milky Way Illumination by Horikawa River


Yuzen Nagashi Way of Light by Horikawa River 

Furinto at the Kamogawa River

Walkway of Bamboo and Light at Kamogawa River

Tanabata Wishing Corner

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