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Nutritious School Lunch in Japan!!! (and around the world)

Did you enjoy school lunch when you were a kid? Some of our Bento&Co staff were Foreign Language teachers in Japanese schools during their past lives. So today we'd like to share with you the amazing, delicious experience that is Japanese school lunch. 

Here's a look at the typical Japanese school lunch experience from Cafcu Media:


How is school lunch back in your hometown? Personally, school lunch for myself back in America was great (with the infinite amount of daily pizza, chips, and chocolate milk) but I never really learned about nutrition...less had any healthy options at the school cafeteria.  

This video collection of some school lunches around the world helps shed some light on the nutritional differences:

Also, here are some hilarious reactions of cute kids eating school lunch around the world (Japan at 4:35) from WatchCut Video:

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