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Kakigōri (かき氷): The original shaved Ice Desert!

An on-going topic here at Bento and Co is that we like to talk about how hot the Japanese summer is and how we handle it.

Well today I want to introduce you to one of our favourite, secret weapons to cope with the heat: Kakigori or shaved ice in plain english.

I'm sure you have had this delicious desert before, these days you can find it everywhere in the world, but did you know its originally Japanese!

At least since the Heian period (794 to 1185) have Japanese people enjoyed this delicious treat - it spread around the world when Japanese migrant workers brought the tradition with them wherever they went, cutting up ice with their family heirloom swords!

The best ones can still be found here in Japan, with delicious flavours such as Macha, Strawberry, Melon and Lemon (all of them are great!). Next time you enjoy some shaved ice, think of Japan!


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