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Amazing Ice Plate Presentation in Kyoto

Tempura Matsu 天ぷら 松 a tempura restaurant here in Kyoto (in the famous and stunningly beautiful part known as Arashiyama, famed for lush trees, a great lake and a fairytale bamboo forest) and is the absolute best at presentation!

Committed to traditional Japanese food that looks just as beautiful as it tastes they have created some truly stunning displays we jusr have to share with you.

Simple, Stunning Presentation...


A highly seasonal restaurant, what really caught our eyes is the summer plates for noodles - made entirely from ice! It really looks so cool and delicious - like art! 

 The Amazing Ice Noodles!

So if you ever find yourself in Arashiyama hungry for a spectacular meal, then we strongly recommend checking out Tempura Matsu 天ぷら 松.

To make it easier for you, here is the Japanese address: 京都府 京都市右京区 梅津大縄場町 21-26 and we advice that you call them in advance to make a reservation at 075-881-9190.

And don't forget to pass by our shop to say hi!

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