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New Year's Osechi

As the year is coming to an end and New Year's celebrations are around the corner,  we at Bento and Co want to introduce you to the spectacular feast that is Osechi - The Japanese New Year's meal.

Like most Japanese traditions Osechi comes with a great heritage, originating in the Heian period (794-1185). Much of the dishes that make up the Osechi have been perfected here in the ancient capital of Kyoto.

So what is Osechi?

Osechi is a combination of small festive dishes each carrying important symbolic meaning with wishes for the coming year. Osechi is served in jubako, which are boxes looking similar to very large Bentos, but with considerably more compartments - A Jubako with its multiple layers typically hold 16 different dishes!

Let us introduce some of the most important dishes to inspire your cooking!  

In any Osechi you'll find seafood - Shrimp or Prawn being among the most common - representing long life. This is accompanied with several omelette and egg dishes, the yellow yoke representing gold to be gained in the coming year. Fish cakes organized in patterns depicting the rising sun that is Japan are also common.

Just look at some of the dishes seen in this video:

When new year's eve is upon us, let the japanese way inspire you and use your bento as Jubako preparing your Osechi dishes filled with wishes for the next year. In our store apart from Bentos you'll find pans and knives perfect for creating these delicious dishes.  

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