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In Kyoto, you can eat so much… and a lot of it is not Japanese

Kyoto is famous for its fine cuisine, and gourmets from around the world can enjoy all that Japanese cuisine has to offer (but for sushi it's better to check out Tokyo or Osaka (^ ▽ ^))

That may be obvious, but you might not know that there are many amazing non-Japanese restaurants here in Kyoto and that alone make it worth the trip.

Here are three exotic, Asian cuisine restaurants that are on my list of favorites at the moment.

魏 饭 夷 堂 (GIHANEBISUDO) — Chinese cuisine

Gihanebisudo's (map) specialty is dimsums. There are many ways you can refer to it: xiaolongbao in Chinese, ショーロンポー in Japanese. It's also called Chinese "ravioli" in simple English because they look (almost) similar.

I've not tasted any better anywhere in Kyoto. The ones are Gihanbisudo are large and the broth inside absolutely delicious—be careful to not burn your tongue!

It's a great place for lunch or dinner with the family (kids love it). Reasonably priced, about 2500 yen for dinner.

ELLORA - Indian cuisine

If you are traveling in Japan, you may be surprised that there are many Indian restaurants. It is undeniable—Indian cuisine is widely loved here in Japan. You can get a generous lunch here for pretty cheap by going for Indian.

At Ellora (map), the nan are giant and they have a large choice of types of curry. It seems that 70% of customers opt for the "butter chicken curry", so that is a good bet.

The food is great and I can't get enough (it's located two minutes from our office). It's only 990 yen for the classic lunch.

PAKUCHI - Thai cuisine

Pakuchi (map) is a restaurant that has been around for one or two years. Pakuchi's atmosphere differs from that of other Thai restaurants in the city. Once indoors, it really feels like a street in Bangkok. Here also, lunch is less than 1000 yen and the value is very good, and the fact that it's exotic is a bonus.

If your stomach doesn't handle spicy food well, just ask them to make it a little less spicy (¬ ‿ ¬)

Are there lovers of Chinese, Indian and Japanese food among you? If not, maybe you can check out these restaurants and get exposed to a whole new, beautiful world of cuisine.

Next time, I'll tell you about the Vietnamese restaurant in Kyoto where you have to make a reservation days in advance to get to eat there.ヾ (@ ^ ▽ ^ @) ノ

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