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Fall colors <3

Fall has come in colours here in Kyoto, with the leafs quickly changing their colours from green to bright red and orange. Autumn Foliage is quite the occasion here and seeing the landscape turn you can understand why the Japanese long for this season so much. Please have a look at this video of Arashiyama, a breathtaking part of Kyoto that really offers its best side during autumn, below and feel the beauty that is autumn in Japan.


With the changing season so also comes the changing of cuisines. Japanese like to let the season reflect in the Bentos they make. Local specialities and seasonal foods come in - such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins.

Marc at No recipe had autumn in mind when he created this autumn bento, featuring foods that he as a japanese say he craves at autumn:

Another cute example of a autumn bento comes from Little Miss Bento that really made impressive decorations for her meal - even carving a fox from carrots:

Let yourself get inspired by the changing season too! Make your next bento in the spirit of autumn - what is a autumn speciality in your country?

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We are excited to see your work !
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