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Halloween in Japan: 2015!

"<{O□O}>BOUHHHHHHHHH ! w(゚o゚)w

 We've been celebrating Halloween here as well. As you can expect in Japan, we've been seeing many cute and original outfits!

Yuya Shino/Reuters

In the country of Cosplay and Manga, Japanese people usually love to dress up and Halloween is just another occasion to bring out their best outfits ;-) 

Here's a great video about what was going on on Saturday night in Shibuya, Tokyo:

We've been celebrating Halloween in the office as well, always with our favorite bento boxes ;-)

How was your Halloween night?
Please share your pictures on : contact@bentoandco.com

  • Damie says...

    Wow, this looks like so much fun – great post!

    On November 03, 2015

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