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Japan and Cats ^‿^

If there's one country where cats are revered, it's without any doubt Japan!

Let me give you here below a few examples ;-)

Aoshima, located in south of Japan is also called Cat Island where there are significantly more feline residents than people. Cats outnumber humans six to one on the island : about 120 cats for 20 citizens!

Picture : Thomas Peter/Reuters

Kinokawa City relaunched its tourism thanks to Tama, a beautiful cat  who saved a railway line in rural Wakayama prefecture from financial ruin, and was appointed Cat Station Master !


Picture Toru Yamanaka

One last recent and funny story : Hiroshima City got inspired by Google Street View and created «Cat Street View». This app reminds us that there are different points of views to explore, specifically those of our benevolent feline overlords :-D

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