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Bento Culture in a nutshell: Do not miss this (short) video!

Liz Linder and Debra Samuels (seen in the video) have made this great presentation documentary on Bento and you won't believe how much they put in in only 2 minutes and so. Bento boxes, cooking and even furoshiki art - they address so many points with a smooth flow. Each part is really easy to grasp and the video itself will make a cool bento introduction for your relatives! ^0^

  • baudolinka says...

    Love the idea of treating food as hidden treasure!

    On April 23, 2015

  • Karen Nelson says...

    So excited that you like this video!

    May I ask you to spell the videographer’s name as Liz Linder?!

    Hoping so,


    On March 18, 2015

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