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Bento Art & Culture in Japan (Travel Reportage)

Debra Samuels has two flaming passions: Cooking and Travelling. And Japan seems to be one of her favorite place: Up to now, she already has spent more than 10 years there!

So when Boston Architectural College was seeking after someone to travel across Japan and capture the essence of Bento cooking and manufacturing, it was quite obvious that she was the perfect person to do it.

This breathtaking and moving reportage is only 10 min long, yet it is complete enough to teach you a lot about the use and crafting of bento boxes in Japan. Make sure to watch it if you are interested in Bento!
Have you noticed? The main part of this documentary is taking place in Kaga, a department of Japan where Most of Bento makers are located. They produced many of the items ... that are Found on Bento&co! (^^)
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