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2015 Cherry Blossom blooming: Why you shouldn't miss it (and How)

Since we are located in Kyoto for many years now, we often get questions regarding Japan and - as you would expect - here is what comes the most: Have you an idea about the best time to visit this country?

2015 Sakura Blooming: Are you ready to discover the best of traditional Japan?

After many seasons spent here, our answer can not be more clearer: you should absolutely time your travel with the Hanami celebrations (花見 event for the cherry blossom blooming happening on early spring) at least for your first trip here. To simplify your travel organization and help you out, we gathered weather information and made this detailed map of the blooming, which shows the blooming forecast for the biggest cities in Japan.

Official Bento&co Forecast for 2015 Cherry Blossom Blooming

From Fukuoka up to Sendai, here are the details about the incoming Sakura Blooming in Japan (Kyoto is on March 23th!!)

Sakura, Hanami? Tell me more...

The last few days of March are the best opportunities to enjoy Japan almost like if you were in one of these Japanese historic tales (... or drama/manga), enjoying a picnic with local people or wandering around while admiring the pink/white Sakura flowers slowly falling from threes much like immaculate snowflakes. This is definitively something you are not going to forget, and you will long cherish these dreamy memories of your travel in Japan!

Picnicking with relatives under the Cherry Blossom three is a beloved tradition for many Japanese people

Now let's get a bit pragmatic and not forget that Spring is probably one of (if not) the most enjoyable season in Japan. It doesn't nearly get has hot as summertime (it can be so muggy at time)), and it's far much pleasant that the rigorous winter experienced - outside a few places like Okinawa.
So wonder no more and come to visit your favorite country and enjoy some truly fantastic times (note: be wise, and make sure to have a relaxed trip by staying connected) . We are waiting for you in Kyoto.


PS (funny fact): Here is an old Japanese expression including a reference to Sakura (Cherry blossom). If you are interested in martial arts, you may have already read or heard it:

(hana wa sakuragi, hito wa bushi "Among flowers, the cherry blossom. Among men, the noble warrior")




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