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Sending our thoughts to people in Kumamoto!

A few words about the recent earthquake that hit Kyushu and Kumamoto. We understand that some of you are concerned - and unsure about the situation here in Japan. 

While it is certainly true that Japan is located in a area prone to earthquakes, thanks to the tectonic plates that surround it, there is no need for panic. Japanese people aren’t upset - and neither should we be - earthquakes are part of everyday life here and they come and go, just like any other creation of nature. 

Japan might look small on a map, but in fact its quite big! From Kyoto where we are seated to Kyushu and Kumamoto its a whopping 836km! With that kind of distance we didn’t even notice the recent earthquake. 

That’s not to say that we dont have earthquakes here at the Bento and Co office, it happens and its just a part of living in Japan. 

To understand this calm, you need to fully comprehend the Japanese mind. 

At the heart of Japanese culture is a crucial understanding of harmony. Nature takes different expressions and we need to be ready and accepting of the things that happen - co-exist rather than control. You might be surprised, but the reaction after the latest earthquake was not that of despair, but rather commitment to hard work and a passion to rebuilt all that was lost. You could say that reaction to earthquakes are part of the Japanese mindset. 

More than that, modern buildings and trains are built to withstand earthquakes, in fact, if you come to Japan and there’s a large chance you won’t even notice a quake, if it would happen  - since moving to Japan I’ve missed most.

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