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White Day in Japan!

Remember Valentines Day? In cold Japan we are soon approaching the one month anniversary which can only mean one thing - White Day! 

What is White Day? This is the big “answer day” - when men answer the women that gave them chocolates for Valentines Day by.. giving them even more sweets and presents! A rule of thumb is that the gift should be 3 times the size or value of what was given, so clearly White Day can become quite pricey for men!

The origin of White Day is a bit odd, but the Japanese confectionary industry first launched the holiday in 1978, following a attempt by a marshmallow manufacturer to make it into a holiday the year before -  possibly giving it its White name :) 

Regardless of why the name is White Day it has become the de facto colour - gifts, chocolates and wrappings all need to be white - make sure to get the white stuff for White Day!

Since its beginning it has grown into quite the holiday - on par or even bigger than the day it is suppose to answer. Men’s answer gifts can typically be divided in two categories, answers to Giri-Choco (Giri meaning obligation), for which men just buy a more expensive white chocolate and answers to  Honmei-Choco - the romantic chocolate.

Giving a suitable gift to the girl that gave you Honmei-Choco can be a bit tricky… Don’t just go and buy any expensive thing! It’s not that simple, below is Bento and Co’s guide for finding the right answer!

Do you just want to be friends?
Get her white chocolate! 

Do you like her?
Get her brown chocolate! 

Do you love her?
Home made chocolate cookies is the way to go!

Keep in mind that this is probably only the start - you will need to get something else too - maybe a candle, a teddy bear or for the advanced even lingerie and jewellery (just remember to keep it all white!) ! 

In all these cases it’s important that your packaging is perfect, pristine and kawaii! Don’t be lazy!

Want to show that special someone or friend this Japanese holiday? You can find our selection of Japanese chocolates here: 


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