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Sakura Craze

That Bento&co is based in Kyoto comes with many benefits - we are constantly immersed in Japan’s rich cultural heritage - and there are always amazing things to see. Soon one of the most spectacular reasons to love Kyoto is upon us, that brings people from across the country to visit - Sakura (cherry blossom) season!  












The entire country goes into cherry blossom craze around this time and suddenly we see more and more products that are cherry blossom flavour - we have collected some of our favorites below (ω ) ~♪

Sakura flavoured pancakes? We have it! at convenience store Lawson you can now from the pastry section get your hands on some super kawaii, tasty sakura pancakes - a personal favourite :)))


Need something to wash down the pancakes with? Starbucks offer themed Sakura shakes and coffees - 

If you want something healthier may we suggest Danone’s new Sakura flavoured Cherry Blossom yoghurt with real cherry blossom leafs inside?  


Or maybe even better, if you are looking for that nice treat, Ice Cream! Baskin Robbins announced that they are bringing back their sakura ice cream for the first time in 24 years! ( Indulge in sakura tasting and smelling (!) soft ice cream - its super delicious! 

Japanese beverage giant Suntory is also brining its A game this year introducing one drink to cleanse your thirst and… give you a Cherry blossom experience!  

Pepsi! no, not normal Pepsi… Sakura Pepsi! Pink, cool and a real celebration this fizzy drink is a great little bottle of enjoyment - it looks so cool too! 


With all this running done how about going for a nice walk or run looking at the flowers? Nike has got you covered! Releasing two packs of cherry blossom themed sneakers this year you can choose between the artsy and the realistic - we think both are great!

Inspired by all these cherry blossom flavoured goods? Come to Japan …Or by the cherry blossom decorated product we sell here at Bento & Co! 

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