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Kyudo Archery Kyoto

Last weekend saw the amazing Kyudo Archery Kyoto Competition take place.
The festival echoes back more than 400 years starting with a legendary archery performance by a master samurai. Sanjusangendo Temple where the competition is held is famous for its long wooden building, at a impressive 120 meters, or 390 feet, long. Archers are challenged to hit a target at the very end of the building, standing at its beginning. Speed, accuracy and sheer hits are most important.

In 1827 a eleven year old boy managed to hit 995 out of 1000 arrows shot! 1774 during the nonstop 12 hour marathon competition the winner hit the target a stunning 11715 times - 16 arrows a minute - during the 12 hours with no break.

Today the competition is part of the coming of age process, with all archers being 20 years.
2000 contestants try their luck at a target set 60 meters away - competing in groups of 6 with only 4 targets, the ones to hit first move on.

If you ever have the chance - we recommend seeing this competition live - its quite impressive ^~^

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