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Postal service ordering and related issues

  • What should I do if I don't receive my order?

For SAL shipments, it is possible that in some cases shipments can take up to 45 days, so we will take action on a undelivered package only after this time period. If your package seems to be taking a long time and you chose SAL as a shipping method, first go to your local  post office and ask if a parcel is waiting for you. After that, if 45 days have lapsed since the order was sent, and you still haven’t receive it, please contact us. 

For FedEx or EMS shipments, please go to the online tracking service track your order.
If you still havn't receive your order after that, please contact us at

  • One or several items have been broken during the delivery

If you have items that were damaged during delivery, please e-mail us within 3 days after receiving your order and include pictures of your damaged item.

  • One item was missing in my parcel? 

If this happened to you, please accept our apologies. Contact us and we will fix it ASAP. 

  • I've lost or broken a piece of my bento

Send us a email describing what part is lost or broken and we can try to find a replacement piece. In order no to not incur additional shipping fees, we advise you to make an order on the Bento&Co site and we will include the replacement piece with your order. 

  • Can bento boxes be re-heated in a microwave oven?  


Some bento boxes are microwave-safe and some are not. This all depends on what material the bento box is made with. This is indicated in the product description for each item. We also include instructions in English with each box. Microwave safe bento boxes are listed here

  • How can I get a 10% discount code? 

If you have made a purchase on our site in the past, you can get a 10% off code by sending us some nice pictures of your bento using products you bought on Bento&co. Please send you picture and your order number to us at Please include a brief description of the content of the pictures.


  • How do I contact customer service?

Do you have a question, remark, photo, or funny story? You can get in touch with the Bento&Co team in the following ways:

Facebook: Bento&Co Page
Twitter : @Bentoandco

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