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Placing an order

  • How do I place my order?

It is a very simple process: 

  1. Browse through the site until you find an item that strikes your fancy
  2. Select the color or size from the pulldown menu, then click "add to cart".
  3. Do this for each item you would like to buy.
  4. Once you've added all the items, click "My Cart" to review the shopping cart. The checkout process consists of 4 steps: billing address (and/or shipping address), shipping method, payment with Paypal and confirmation. We'll send over an email with your order information to confirm. 

  • How do you select the products?

We choose products we are in love with because we think that our customers will love them too. We try to offer really unique products,  with one priority: quality. We like and respect our makers a whole lot. 

  • What do the “S”, “M”  “L” and “XL” sizes for the bento boxes mean?

Size S indicates bento boxes with a holding capacity smaller than 500ml. They are appropriate for children or people with small appetites. They can also be used for snacks or as a supplementary bento box.

Size M indicates bento boxes with a holding capacity between 500 and 780ml. Many of them have two compartments, one of which is designed to hold rice (or another carbohydrate, such as pasta.) Size M boxes are appropriate for most adults and older children. 

Size L indicates bento boxes with a holding capacity between 780 and 1000 ml. These are bento boxes for people with hearty appetites. If this still seems to small for you, consider the XL sized bento boxes!

Size XL bento boxes are boxes intended to be used by 2 or more people, though of course they could be used by a single person for a very generous lunch! They are ideal for picnics, parties and so on.

  • I'm trying to avoid plastic containers, do you have non-plastic alternatives? 
We carry several non-plastic bento boxes. Check out our durable metal (especially the stainless steel) bento boxes, as well as our beautiful wooden boxes. 

Most of the latter kind are works of art as well as being practical bento boxes! Note that stainless steel boxes usually have a thin leak-resistant silicone seal around their lids, which makes them very practical. Some stainless steel boxes have plastic side containers and/or lids.

  • Can I order a sold out item?

Normally, no, but if a item is currenty sold out, it doesn't mean it won't come back. When a product is sold out, click on the green button on the left side of your screen "Notify me" to receive an email as soon as the product will be available again. 

  • What are the prices written on the product pages? 

Prices indicated are retailing prices, excluding VAT and shipping cost.

  • Where do I notify that my order is a gift?

You can write it in the "leave a message" space in the shopping cart. In that case, we won't include the invoice the parcel but we"ll directly email it to the buyer. Please be aware that shipments sent as gifts may still be charged customs fees.

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