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What is Bento&Co?

  • What is Bento&Co?
Bento&Co is an online shop that sells beautiful bento boxes and accessories related to Japanese lunch boxes in paticular, but also everything we find fun and useful from Japan. We try to offer you the best quality products from Japan that you may not find in your country.  

We are located in Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, Japan, from where we ship all your orders. (Read more about us.)

We love getting mail, so if you'd like to write us a letter, here is our address: Bento&co, Kyoto, Nakagyoku, Rokkaku Dori, Futachi Higashi Iru, Yaoyacho 117  Japan 604-8072

  •  Why you can trust us 
  1. We are nice and honest people. 
  2. We use a safe and well-known service, Paypal, for payments.
  3. Like our makers, we have a real passion for our products. Here is an article on how our products are made (in French only)
  4. In less of 4 years of activity, we have sent around 41,000 parcels all over the world. 60% of our customers have ordered more than once, and our Facebook page has more than 25,000 fans.  
  5. We're always reachable if you need something. By mail, we guarantee you to answer within 24 hours (except week-ends) or even directly by chatting (Use the little red window bellow that says "need help?").

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