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Bring Japanese Culture to Light: Our trip to Chicago


On Lake Michigan's Shores ... 

Golden Week holidays'll start in a couple of days but Bento&Co Team is already heading for a very interesting project. On May 17th, the N.R.A (stands for National Restaurant Association)'ll start its annual show  at Chicago's McCormick Place convention center and we're planning to be part of it!

This event is a big time for all catering, hotel, cookware companies and experts. For 4 days, People from all around the world'll come, present and share their ideas or new concepts: Out of this great brainstorming'll spring the items and products you're going to find and use in the hotels, restaurants and place of your next travel. We think here lies an unique possibility to introduce an unsuspected aspect of Japanese cookware culture to the World.     

Chicago, a legendary city where everything seems possible Photo par /CC

For Bento&Co, it's also a rare opportunity to meet with professional and passionate people. In this city of arts and enterprising (Walt Disney, Hillary Clinton, Robin Williams, Michael Jordan ... and more!), it is very likely for us to experience an inspiring and stimulating environnement. 

Japanese Box Shokado Restaurant (in 6cp. Version)

A Bento box as Luggage 

Out of all the large japanese boxes we offer on our website and at our store in Kyoto, there is one category of traditional box that currently stands out: the shokado boxes line.  Consequently, the last in the family, Shokado Restaurant, was the perfect choice to bring with us to America (of course it wasn't an easy selection since we truly love all our boxes and accessories (*ノ▽ノ)).

If you have ever been to a traditional hotel (known as ryokan there) or restaurant in Japan, you'll probably understand our choice: this bento box mixes a classy design with a nice overall presentation and  is actually easy to handle and use! 

It sure is a difficult choice. Modern? Traditional? ... Wait, Why not both? :)

Shokado boxes has been used for years by professionals in Japan and are now slowly growing popular oversea. There is a reason behind this success: they make the perfect choice if you want to nicely present (local or Japanese) your dishes. At home or for your business, they really make a and wonderful, practical object to use for your bento and meals.

A professional product now available for everyone at Bento&Co in two different size 

It's now time for us to pack our bags and get ready for this very exciting trip to come. We'll glady bring you back some souvenirs, like cool pictures of the NRA show and hopefully great news from our american travel! See you soon! :)

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