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Make great bento character (panda): How to use our Onigiri set accessory.

When you first see a nice pic like the one above, character's bento may seem really hard and time-consuming to make. Well let's be honest: they do need dedication and effort to reach that high level.
But what if there was a way to make it simpler and faster? ... ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

On her blog, Shirley, a talented bento cooking artist that you may have heard about before, give us some great advices and a fully detailed step by step guide (with pics) to use our Panda Onigiri Set.
This accessory is the ideal tool to make perfectly shaped characters in just a few minutes. And you will be amazed how easy and quick it is.

We are talking about pandas now, but of course the same advices are still true and meaningful for our other onigiri sets (check them here!). One last thing: try making good use of food picks (like those) in your bento composition, they really can do great as decoration. 

So have fun cooking them, and enjoy Bento Kyara(ノ^∇^)

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