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Yukata: the casual summer kimono!

Summer time has come and the unbearable heat has made its presence known here in Kyoto. People are rushing from air conditioned shop to iced drinks, constantly avoiding the warmth that occupies the streets. A nasty mix of high temperature and a alarming humidity, creates for constant sweat. At least we can wear t-shirts, tank tops and shorts.

In the past you may ask how Japanese people dealt with the heat, without all the modern inventions and the thick, heavy kimonos as clothing of choice. Well part of the answer lays in the clothing!

Summer time you see has its own special Kimono - the Yukata. The Yukata is different from the Kimono in many ways - the one thing you can say is that it is far simpler! Both in the patterns used but even more so in the fabrics, thin cotton with open pockets under the arms and for the legs allow for a lot of ventilation - something we all crave - it makes for a great summer garment.

Wondering how to wear a Yukata? Have a look at below video:

We really like Yukatas, and strongly recommend getting one should you come here in summer time! So good is at at keeping people chilled in the summer time that we often find people walking the streets in them during the hottest of months.

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