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Samon Bento Boxes

Samon Bento Boxes

In this post, we are excited to explore our exclusive Samon bento box series. With gentle grooves covering the body of the bento, this series was inspired by the beautiful "samon" ripple marks seen at many of the temples here in Kyoto. 

Zen gardens are often a prominent feature of temples in Japan. They create a miniature landscape meticulously crafted via arranging rocks, water features, moss, shaped trees and greenery, and gravel or sand that is sculpted into the stunning samon ripple marks. With the garden designed to be taken in with a single glance, it is relaxing and peaceful to sit on the temple porch and view the samon ripples meandering amidst the rocks and trees. This garden encapsulates the essence of nature, and thus proves itself to be a catalyst to meditate about the true meaning of life.

Apart from its stunning aesthetic, priests hone their powers of mental concentration through carefully sculpting the shapes. For the samon ripples, gravel is generally raked into swirls resembling waves or rippling water; it thus requires great attention to detail, along with patience. Therefore, maintaining these gardens is seen as a form of Zen practice. The patterns are often changed seasonally, and often can be interpreted in various ways.

With the Samon bentos, the tradition of bento boxes is brought into the future with the contemporary design; yet the samon ripples maintain the connection to the past. The ideal bento for a Japanophile! 

Check out the whole Samon collection here!

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