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Announcing the brand NEW Beginner’s Bundles!

Announcing the brand NEW Beginner’s Bundles!

We have an exciting new announcement at Bento&co! Drumroll please… welcome our new Beginner’s Bundles! Perfect for those just starting out on their bento journey, these bundles contain bento basics that everyone will love! Available in four themes- Modern, Traditional, Simple, and Accessories!

Beginner’s Bundle | Modern

With modern aesthetics, this chic pack includes a light grey bento bag, black matte two tier bento box, and a light cutlery set containing a fork, spoon, and chopsticks!


Beginner’s Bundle | Traditional

Enjoy traditional Japanese aesthetics with a wood-like Magewappa bento box paired with twisted natural bamboo chopsticks. The bento box and chopsticks can be wrapped up in a furoshiki wrapping cloth that depicts one of Japan’s most famous images, the Great Wave off Kanagawa!

Beginner’s Bundle | Simple

This simple set contains a glossy black two tier bento, paired with a vibrant green cutlery set that contains a spoon, fork, knife, and collapsible chopsticks! This can all be wrapped up in a pastel colored furoshiki wrapping cloth.

Beginner’s Bundle | Accessories

This kit contains everything you need to personalize your bento and make it stand out! Want to add a cute touch to your bento? Look no further ^^ Including items such as food cutters, molds, picks, separators, stamps, and even decorative tweezers, go all out and create the bento of your dreams!

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