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Miniatuart Paper Crafts

Miniatuart Paper Crafts

Looking for something to do during a rainy day? Or feeling nostalgic for childhood? Miniatuart Paper Crafts from the esteemed Japanese maker, Sankei, provides the answer.  The beautiful self-assembly paper crafts enable you to recreate the wonderful world of your favorite Ghibli's movies! Let's be immersed in the detailed scenes from Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and of course, from My Neighbor Totoro! o(^w^)o

The Miniatuart box contains stiff paper boards and pre-drew forms that you should sever with a cutter, then assemble and stick them to form a beautiful scene from famous Ghibli movies! But be careful- some of the pieces are just millimeters big, so a steady hand and patience is a must! The result is incredible if you are patient! (^_^)/ 

To make this beautiful paper craft scene, you'll need 4 tools which are not included with our Miniatuarts: a cutting board, hobby cutter, glue and tweezers.

Tips & Tricks

Buying a proper paper craft knife will help you to make the tiny cuts and slices needed to make the paper craft shine. Scissors will also be useful to open any small internal packets. 

We also recommend transparent PVA glue, as it won’t set immediately so that you can adjust some pieces if need be. Tweezers and toothpicks will also help you to adjust the pieces, or to apply tiny points of glue. 

Some of the Miniatuarts also allow you to color in your favorite characters; for this, we recommend colored pencils rather than ink based colors, as they can bleed and spill into other parts of the card. 

Make sure to craft your Miniatuart on the cutting hobby mat; that way you don’t have to worry about damaging any surfaces when cutting. 

To see our full range of Miniatuarts, click here.

We have Miniatuarts from famous Ghibli movies:

The Wind Rises 

My Neighbor Totoro 

Porco Rosso 

Kiki’s Delivery Service  


Whisper of the Heart 

Princess Mononoke 


Howl’s Moving Castle 

Pom Poko 

Castle in the Sky 

Spirited Away 

The Cat’s Repayment

We also have some Doraemon Miniatuarts, for fans of the beloved Japanese children's show.


Check out our videos below to see Miniatuarts being made!

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