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Kyoto's Best Places for Sakura Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sakura Cherry Blossom season is coming to Kyoto soon! This is arguably the best time of the year to visit Japan. Some adventurous travelers even choose to follow the cherry blossoms as they blossom from south to north. 


Kyoto's sakura will likely blossom from end of March to mid April. During this time some people will have barbecues, drink beer, etc. while enjoying the beautiful sakura slowly falling. If you're planning on coming, or just are interested, here are some of the best places to go in town!

1. Maruyama Park

2. Heian Jingu Shrine

3. Arashiyama

4. Toji Temple

5. Nijo Castle

6. Kiyomizudera Temple

7. Kamo Shrine

8. Hirano Shrine

9. Philosopher's Path

10. Kyoto City Botanical Gardens

11. Takase River

12. Kodaiji Temple

13. Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Palace)

14. Yamashina Canal

15. Kamogawa River

Source: Matcha Travel Magazine

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Satoru Kudo - March 13, 2017

SAKURA: Beautiful pictures, thank you..

LEGREE - March 12, 2017

Merci pour ces sublimes photos d ’arbres en fleurs !

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