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Kokeshi Bentos

Kokeshi Bentos

With a clever and convenient design, Kokeshi bentos are unique two tier + one bowl lunch boxes shaped like Japanese traditional dolls. Each Kokeshi is a character of its own, with designs ranging from traditional to modern; they include geisha, samurai, ninjas, baseball boys and girls, cute lucky makenineko cats, shiba inu dogs, Star Wars characters, and more! For the full range of characters and sizes, click here.

The Kokeshi bentos are ideal for an all-include lunch. The bowl sits on top of the two tiers, so you can put some instant miso or instant ramen there, ready for lunch! Use one tier for a main meal, with the other for side dishes or desserts.

A special feature unique to the Kokeshi bentos is their compatibility!  If you get more than one Kokeshi Bento, you can mix up the components to create your very own kokeshi! An elastic bento belt is included, to hold everything together.

These bento boxes are made by Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan, exclusively for Bento&co.

For those enamored by the Kokeshi bentos, you can create a whole Kokeshi lunch set! Matching chopsticks, bottles, and even magnets are available here.


Check them out in our videos below!

Take a look at the video below to see how Bento&co’s Kokeshi bentos are made!

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