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July 2019 Daily Snaps WINNER Announced!

July 2019 Daily Snaps WINNER Announced!

Thanks for all of your July Daily Snap submissions! Keep an eye out for the next Bento Snaps Blog Post to find out how to enter our next contest!


We are super happy to announce that @idontlikechocolatebrownies has been crowned the winner of July 2019 Daily Snaps! The rustic ham, cheese, and pickle sandwich on delicious bread, surrounded with vibrant cherries, certainly hit the spot! Congratulations!


One of our other favorite entries included a true smorgasbord from @hisago_ya, featuring asparagus, edamame, roasted corn, and more!


Melting in the heat? Cool off with a delicious ice cream, delivered to you with a smile by the adorable twin frogs! With hand-carved detail such as the crosshatch apple, flower cucumbers, and more, these frogs live in style! Thanks @bentowhimsy!


Add veggies and health to your bento with this original and unique style, featuring a multicolored cauliflower 'forest', and aesthetic tamagoyaki egg omelette rolls from @cogsturning!

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