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Food x Bento: Nishiki Market, Kyoto

Food x Bento: Nishiki Market, Kyoto

In the video below, Bento&co gives you a local view of the famous Kyoto market, Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba). This narrow shopping street has hundreds of shops and restaurants serving Kyoto delicacies, hence the nickname ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’. Amongst fresh seafood, pickled vegetables, produce, traditional Japanese knives, and fusion snacks like chocolate croquettes, this is the best place to find new and modern Japanese food.

As is typical of Japan, most shops specialize in a specific type of food or produce, with samples of their products given freely at the front of the store. With hundreds of history behind these stores, many of which have been family run for generations, you are assured to find something delicious. A sure sign of amazing food is the mix of tourists and locals that frequent the market, and combined with the store owners and frequent deliveries, navigating the popular Nishiki Market is an adventure in itself.

In our video below, Thomas and Scott check out some delicious Nishiki Market specialties! Some of the snacks eaten include crispy fried sardines, basted unagi eel skewers, tamagoyaki egg omelette, chocolate croquettes, and soy milk donuts!

The chosen delicacies featured in the bento include dashi maki egg broth omelette, fried Japanese capsicums, furikake rice seasoning, sweet dango sweets skewer, fried vegetables, seasoned beans, delectable duck meat, and rice of course!

Take a walk through Nishiki Market with Bento&co!


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