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Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pet Pals!

Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pet Pals!


Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pet Pals are small carton shaped animals that live in your fridge and chat with you whenever you open the door. But beware: get ready to hear complaints if you leave the fridge door open too long! ‘It’s getting warm in here!’ ‘Quickly shut the door!’ Your new friends are sensitive to the temperature outside their fridge home!


With Fridgeezoo entering the market in 2010, over 600, 000 have been sold in Japan alone. However, behind the cheerful grins and bright colors of the adorable animals, there lies an unexpected message. Many of the original Fridgeezoo animals have a backstory:

Lion lost his grassland home due to agricultural expansion and now he has moved to your fridge! However, his personality remains frivolous and Lion often gets carried away!

Sloth, your new three-toed friend lived in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America! She lost her house due to deforestation, so she came to live in the fridge ^^ Since there are no enemies here, her favorite things to do are swim, sing, and relax!

These animals ran away from global warming, deforestation, agricultural expansion, and other environmental issues, and found a safe home in your fridge. They are homeless little animals searching for a new home, and for someone to talk to; how can you not take them in?

In a world where global warming awareness is rising, Fridgeezoo shows a unique and gentle way to embed the issues surrounding global warming into mainstream Japan; via adorable mascots, of course. Japan has long embraced mascots beyond the standard sports mascot that dances on the sidelines overseas; they embody a wide range of roles, from the ever popular Pikachu, to Kumamon, the official mascot of Kumamoto, a prefecture in southern Japan. Kumamon was originally created to draw tourists to the area. However when a big earthquake struck Kumamoto in 2016, the revenue from Kumamon products dramatically increased; people associated the cute character with the prefecture, and brought products to support those affected by the earthquake. The cute bear was described as ‘driving the reconstruction efforts’, showing the effect of popular mascots in Japan.


The Fridgeezoo series is expanding steadily, yet stays true to its original message; conserving energy to save the planet.

Fridgeezoo is now available in three series: the original Fridgeezoo, Fridgeezoo Q, and Fridgeezoo Hogen.

The Fridgeezoo Q Series features a new exclusive function: three different modes to adjust perfectly to your lifestyle. You can change the frequency of your new friend’s interactions with you simply by pressing the button on the bottom of the Fridgeezoo!

The new Fridgeezoo Hogen Series showcases cute animals from prefectures around Japan, each one displaying the trademark speech and phrases from their hometown ^^


Get your Fridgeezoo today!


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