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Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball, the famous Japanese anime! Here at Bento&co, we are celebrating this legendary series through exclusive Dragon Ball products available only at Bento&co! With unique designs and patterns, take a nostalgic trip back to your childhood. With both individual products and curated bundles available, take advantage of our special bundle prices and save your money for the next Dragon Ball items! 


Remember Goku, armed with his trademark martial arts staff and crazy hair? Find him front and center on our vibrant orange Goku Three Tier Bento Box! Definitely a must for Dragon Ball fans! 

You can also join Goku on the Dragon Ball Bento Box 1L or 1.3L box, surrounded by all of his friends, including Krillin, Oolong, Master Roshi, Turtle, and more! 

Need some cutlery? Grab the Dragon Ball Chopsticks and increase your power with the seven golden Dragon Balls on a vibrant blue background, with each ball containing an increasing amount of stars.

More Goku? Can’t get enough? Our Dragon Ball Goku Bundle combines our Goku products in a Red Ribbon Army Cooler Bag, for easy transport for your next Saiyan adventure! With the Goku Three Tier Bento Box and Dragon Ball Bento Box 1L accompanied by the Dragon Ball Chopsticks, showcase your love of Dragon Ball to the world. 


Want to go back further in time? The Kame Bento Box is a bright orange single-tier bento featuring the famous Dragon Ball symbol, Japanese kanji for kame or turtle(亀)! Goku started to wear this emblem once he completed his first 8 months of training under the Master Turtle Hermit, Kame Sen'nin. This box is also perfect for those who love kanji, vibrant colors, or both! A simple and lightweight design enables you to take Goku on your daily adventures. 

The popular Kame bento is also available in the Dragon Ball Kame Bundle, along with the Capsule Corp Stainless Bottle, and Dragon Ball Chopsticks. Lunch, chopsticks, and your favorite drink cooled down in an eco-friendly stainless bottle; everything is ready to be packed into the Red Ribbon Cooler Bag! 


Capsule Corp also joins the ranks with several products embossed with the famous logo available, including a Chopsticks & Spoon Set, Stainless Bottle, Bento Box, and Cooler Bag

Want them all? No problem! All of our Capsule Corp items take center stage in our Dragon Ball Capsule Corp Bundle.

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