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Cherry Blossoms have arrived! 🌸

Cherry Blossoms have arrived! 🌸

When talking about Japan, what springs to mind first? The iconic sakura (桜 cherry blossoms) of course! Dyeing the world pink during spring time, close your eyes and be transported to the blossoms ~

With cherry blossoms are beginning to open their buds throughout the country, the time has come to open the Japanese hanami season. Hanami is a favorite cherry blossom season tradition where revellers picnic underneath the stunning blossoms, enjoying sushi to sake and everything in between. Looking up at the sun filtering through the layers of beautiful blossoms is understandably a favorite pastime during the two fleeting weeks when the sakura bloom.

Having hanami is an experience you will never forget! Grab a picnic sheet, some drinks, your beautiful bento, and make sure to arrive early to get an advantageous position underneath the blossoms. This is a time to party, so people often have several gatherings during the brief sakura season, including hanami with coworkers, friends, and family. 

We especially recommend using our picnic boxes, some of which are made specially for hanami, featuring roomy tiers and sakura decoration! You can pack your favorite dishes, side dishes, dessert and more in the spacious separated tiers; everyone's favorite food will fit, ensuring good times for all ~ 


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