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Chef Bento 2019 Grand Prize Winner + 10 Runner-up Finalists!

Chef Bento 2019 Grand Prize Winner + 10 Runner-up Finalists!

Grand Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who sent their amazing bento photos to our annual international Chef Bento contest! We loved seeing everyone’s incredible international bentos!

We are super happy to announce our International Grand Prize Finalist Winner! Claudia, from Canada, wowed us with her amazing bibimbap bento, and has won a return flight to Japan! Congratulations, Claudia! 🇨🇦 🎉

This gorgeous bento box features a modern and aesthetic take on the classic South Korean dish filled with vibrant colours, textures, and flavours. 12 Individually seasoned and cooked mini vegetable dishes make a square border, in which a bed of rice topped with seasoned ground beef, bibimbap sauce, and a sunny side-up quail egg takes the center stage. Complete with spring florals, metal cutlery, and the ever present spicy kimchi, this bento is a celebration of spring 💐

We are also excited to announce our Japan Grand Prize Finalist Winner! Congratulations Tomoko-san, from Hyogo Prefecture! She has won an overnight stay at a luxury Kyoto hotel!  🇯🇵 🎉

Her bento centered around traditional Japanese themes, with one bento tier depicting a traditional circular window that can often be found in old houses or shrines. Gentle flowers bloom in the window, heralding the arrival of spring. The other tier features elaborate Japanese bento foods, such as narutomaki, a type of fish cake, and temari-fu, bright white dried wheat gluten threaded with delicate colors.

10 Runner-Up Finalists- Choose your Favorite

But hold on- the competition is still running! That’s right! 10 runner-up finalists have been chosen, and you get to vote and pick your favorite! Voting ends May 30th at 5pm, so hurry and get your votes in fast! Click here, or on the image below, to vote!

In a random order, here are the 10 finalists:


Pau created a vibrant green bentos featuring her ultimate Malaysian comfort food! A favorite Malay street food, satay (marinated grilled meat skewers), takes the center piece, paired with onions, cucumber, lontong (compressed rice), and of course, the iconic and flavorful peanut dipping sauce!


Ilia created a stunning Russian smorgasboard inside her bento! Including traditional dishes such as buckwheat porridge with stewed meat, and Russian marshmallows and pancakes, this bento transports you to Russia in a heartbeat!

This bento by Annica takes us through a personal culinary map of Germany’s regional foods, with the radish compass showing the way. We start in western Germany, with waffles served alongside seasonal rhubarb and strawberry compote. Northern Germany sparkles with freshly-caught seafood and dark bread, while the pretzel takes center stage in Southern Germany. Eastern Germany rounds up the culinary delights, with the meat and potato ranking supreme.  



This super cute orangutan bento was created by Leng from @littlemissleng! She encapsulated the different flavours of Malaysia in one bento, using locally sourced ingredients. Based on Nasi Lemak, a traditional Malay rice dish, the bento contains rice cooked in fragrant coconut milk,  sambal, roasted peanuts, fried anchovies, and cucumber, along with serunding, a type of meat floss, that originates from the Malaysian state of Kelantan.


Get carried off to the streets of Barcelona with Jana’s Spanish bento! Her bento mimics Spain’s typical tapas dishes, starting with the famous spicy Chorizo-sausage, tuna filled mini-peppers, fried Piementos de Padrón with sea-salt flakes, baked feta cheese, grilled meat, and more! For dessert are bacon-wrapped dates with an almond-filling, and soft Medjool dates covered with mascarpone and topped with glorious pomegranate seeds.


Vietnamese is given a fresh and modern twist with Nancy’s bento! The main dish is Com Tam, also known as broken rice, served with grilled pork chops. Other delights include prawn rice paper rolls, Vietnamese egg meatloaf, and jelly made out of coconut, mango and fruit agar agar. A feast for the eyes and stomach!


Stefanie showcases a beautiful spread of Bavarian food! Traditional sausages and sauerkraut are accompanied by mustard, and delicious potato salad. Pretzels are next to some delicious berries, while radishes and green asparagus add vibrant pops of color.

Join Ching for a journey to Australia! Next to the indigenous boomerang are two iconic Australian foods; a meat pie, the perfect portable lunch, and a lamington, Australia’s national dessert. Lamingtons are small sponge cakes covered in a thin layer chocolate and desiccated coconut, with this decadent version also filled with cream and strawberries.

Ming’s Hong Kong bento is full of yellows and reds, auspicious colors in the Hong Kong community. Walk the streets of Hong Kong and sample some street favorites, such as curry fishball, dim sum, sweet and sour delights, fruits, and more~



Whei showcased a traditional Malaysian dish in her colorful bento. Ketupat, rice dumplings, are made from rice placed in a palm leaf pouch that is woven tightly, and then boiled. The flavor of the leaf seeps into the rice, making it more aromatic. Accompanying the rice dumplings are satay, seasoned and grilled skewered meat, paired with a peanut sambal gravy.

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