Valentines Day in Japan

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As one of our favorite romantic holiday gets closer and closer, you might wonder how we celebrate Valentines day here in Japan, like all things Japanese, it’s quite different (  )و!

The first thing that might surprise you about Japanese valentines day is that its only one way giving - even stranger - from woman to man, not vice versa! 

Japanese women celebrate this day by gifting males in their surrounding with chocolates - homemade or store-bought - with department stores transforming into entire chocolate meccas. Generally the chocolate given falls within two categories, either Giri-Choco (Giri meaning obligation) to be given because they have to… so typically for colleges, bosses with no romance involved, or Honmei-Choco which is the good stuff - the romantic stuff - with women typically outdoing themselves with amazing chocolate creations!

The Japanese confectionary industry sees half of their yearly sales in this period ((・▽・))⊃.

So what does this mean for women? Do they never get anything sweet from their male counterparts? Of course they do! But that’s another holiday - White day which always falls exactly one month after valentines on march 14th! 

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