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Exclusive Collaboration: Bento and Co + Cooking With Dog

We are excited to introduce a new exclusive collection: Bento&Co x Cooking with Dog!

We have partnered up with some of our favourite manufacturers to bring you some unique, only at Bento and Co, Cooking with Dog branded products. They is only a LIMITED SUPPLY so be sure to get it here before they're gone!

If you don't know what show Cooking with Dog is then you are in for a good one! Fans already know how fun, educative and great the show is - Just check out the video below: 

Cooking with Dog will teach you how to make Japanese food while entertaining you in a quirky way - we are big fans here at Bento&Co, and the best way for us to express that we really like something is to make a Bento box! 

For this series we are proud to introduce a complete Bento set, including chopsticks, a bag and a superb box. We take great pride in all of these products and we think you'll enjoy them too!

And as you may already have guessed - there will soon be a cross over show - with Cooking with Dog using our collaboration box when cooking up a new treat - stay tuned, premiers soon! 

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hxtgjgxnpb - March 15, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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